Program Information:

The Transition to Employment is a FREE program designed to help immigrant women and their families overcome barriers to employment, build self-confidence in preparation for the Regina labour market. This program provides clients with the skills necessary to find employment in Regina and to successfully transition into Employment in Canada.

The program includes:

Pre-Employment Workshops (Classes): A series of workshops and classes will be held throughout the year to provide clients with the foundation necessary to succeed in the Canadian workplace. The classes are divided into modules on topics such as:

  • Canadian Workplace Culture: This workshop provides clients with insight into Canadian cultural values, employer expectations, gender issues and workplace dress and etiquette.
  • Resume Writing Workshops: These workshops include different forms of resumes, soft, transferable, and hard skills, and tailoring your resume for different jobs.
  • Interview Skills: This workshop assists women in all aspects of preparing for an interview, and includes a practice interview for all attendees.
  • Job Search Assistance: Our TIE Instructor will work closely with you to assist you with creating a professional resume and searching for jobs.
  • Personal Follow-up on your Progress: The TIE Instructor will provide personal follow-up to assist you with questions you might have, even after you have left the program.


  • You are 18 years of age or older
  • Residency Status: Open Work Permit, Permanent Resident, Refugee, Canadian Citizen
  • You have a minimum English CLB Level 4

Program Location

Regina Immigrant Women Learning Centre
105 Broadway Avenue
Regina, SK S4N 1B2


For more information regarding the Transition to Employment Program, or to register for classes please contact:
Phone: (306) 359-6514